Innovations News Letter


Hy-Line International is committed to developing the world’s most sustainable laying hens. Hy-Line enables our global customer base to provide healthy and affordable egg protein to a growing world population, while minimizing the environmental impact, preserving our planet’s precious resources for current and future generations.

Hy-Line’s sustainability commitment may be summarized by the 3 P’s: People, Planet, and Profits.

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Hy-Line’s commitment is to develop prolific egg layers that will feed more people of the world more economically to make egg protein even more accessible, especially to undernourished communities. 

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Hy-Line layers convert feed to egg mass more efficiently, reducing the feed required to produce one dozen eggs by 5 g per dozen eggs every year. Less feed required means decreased demand for grain inputs, resulting in fewer acres of cropland needed to produce egg protein throughout the world. Less grain production required cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions in the environment. Lower feed needs also results in reduced water consumption to produce an egg.

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Ever-improving productivity and efficiency in Hy-Line layers creates value throughout the supply chain, improving profitability due to reduced cost. This allows our distributors and customers to invest in new, cleaner, more sustainable production systems and technologies and provide employment opportunities in their local communities.